Access your meetings and your trainings wherever you are and on any device!

Use your tablets and smart phones to communicate remotely with Via App! The application allows you to track your meetings and interact with your microphone and camera while viewing the shared documents and applications in your activity.

Available on your smartphone, tablet and also now on your computer!


Version for Via 7 and +


Version for Via 7 and +

The application offers you all the advantages of the Via platform, in an adapted interface for your mobile device. You can now, regardless of the situation and context, enjoy all of Via features for an optimal experience when administrating and participating to your activities.
  • Presentation of documents (Office, PDF, image, video, audio, whiteboard).
  • Communication by camera, microphone and telephone.
  • Screen sharing and control.
  • Integrated survey module.
  • Annotation tools available for whiteboards, videos and documents.
  • Recording your sessions and exporting videos or podcasts.
  • Chat module for private exchanges and global communications.
  • Etc.

Documentation and multimedia tutorials