logo-moodleThe Via module allows you to create virtual synchronous meetings to discuss live using voice and video for: remote classes in real time, meetings, teamwork, tutorials, webinars, etc. Via can also allow you to divide and manage a group into sub-working groups, annotate on documents or whiteboards, share anyone’s computer screen, import/present documents and exchange through voice/video. The Participant registration option allows you to register users manually or synchronize them automatically with your Moodle users by selecting the Automatic registration option. The Session settings section allows you to set the recording mode of your meetings and their availability.

So, depending on their rights and setup, Moodle users have:

  • Access to the creation of remote virtual synchronous activities and meetings
  • Access to the recordings of meetings
  • The synchronization of access rights can happen automatically (in line with registration and rights in the Moodle platform) or manually.
  • A block allowing for the display of recordings is also available.

Download the latest version of the module

Below, you will find the latest version of the ViaMoodle module for the various versions of Moodle. To know what version of Moodle you are using, access the ‘Notifications’ (Site administration; Notifications) page. The blocks follow the versions of the module, but remain optional. The installation guide explains the installation steps for all Moodle versions. (Available in French only)ico_downloadDownload the installation guide 15/07/20162.7-3.08.6 et +VIA 2016042007 Guide (French only)
Date Moodle Version Via Version MoodleVia module version Via Blocs (optional) Installation guide and functionalities
29/10/2018 2.7-3.5 8.7 et + VIA 2018042004 Blocs_Via_2017030102 Guide(French only)
14/05/2018 2.7-3.4 8.7 et + VIA 2018042001 Blocs_Via_2017030102 Guide(French only)
16/06/2017 2.7-3.2 8.7 et + VIA 2017030107 Blocs_Via_2017030102 Guide(French only)
08/09/2015 2.0-2.9 7 et + VIA 2015050104 Guide (French only)
20/01/2015 2.3 6.5 VIA 2.3.2015012008 Blocs_Via2.3.2015012001 Guide (French only)
20/01/2015 2.6 6.5 VIA 2.6.2015012004 Blocs_Via2.6.2015012001 Guide (French only)
20/01/2015 2.7-2.8 6.5 VIA 2.7.2015012006 Blocs_Via2.7.2015012002 Guide (French only)